Instagram Marketing



Project Brief:

Our cooperative client Mr. Akash was a real estate developer. At first, he had opened an Instagram account for publicizing his business at personal level only. But he was not getting responses as much as he had expected in result. Definitely, he was quite tensed under such circumstances. And one day, he luckily found us on Google while searching for “buy ig like”. Mr. Akash wished for adding likes and views, obviously for best Instagram marketing for business page.

First of all, when you plan your project in current business environment, it is essential that you include social media.  Since it is a must to give your project oxygen. Secondly, your planned results or achievements must be of a visual nature only and project management is basically that. Overall, various popular tools have the ability to mimic social media. And with the tools, you can easily keep an eye on your projects on Instagram.


Best Instagram Marketing- Step 01

Gather All Information

Immediately, he called us and got subscribed to one of our premium packages seeing our previous service history. We took all the necessary information from him related to his business and personal account on Instagram. We updated those as per our need to promote it to bigger audience. 


Best Instagram Marketing- Step 02

Find Solution & Solve it

After completing all the basic steps, we went for boosting it to get his expected views and likes. We also made him understood to offer discounts, fill gallery by repeating posts and showcasing all the products repeatedly on stories as well as on other social media platforms. This also increases his brand awareness among general population.


Best Instagram Marketing- Step 03

Finally Get the Result

After running the campaign successfully according to Instagram demographics (Such as age, gender, location, education, income) and Instagram algorithm, Mr. Akash got his followers and Instagram likes as per his package that he took from us. Thus, we got another satisfied client.

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