Best Reseller Hosting for Starting Your Own Web Hosting Business

Business is all about generating revenue and a well-planned business model can take your profits up a notch. In today’s digital era, almost everyone is found online – be it on social media platforms. Also blogger websites or the online presence of their businesses. That’s why Web Hosting is becoming an increasingly popular business area and Reseller Hosting is one such business model. In this article, we will try to explain what Reseller Hosting is and how you’ll start your own web hosting company.

You can buy web hosting for almost anything starting from your personal WordPress blogs. SME business storefronts and all the way up to sites for big enterprises. Let’s start by understanding what reseller hosting is.

Reseller hosting is simply selling hosting to others. That’s how you actually can start your own web hosting company. You pay for a hosting plan then you sell that hosting to somebody else who needs it. It is best for those who’ll be managing 10 sites or more. Reseller hosting is often used by web designers or businesses that need to provide hosting to their clients.
Reseller hosting means you purchase hosting in wholesale then allocate portions of your server and domain resources to clients of your own. You just act as a go-between and connecting a hosting provider’s infrastructure with the new audiences whom you can reach.

According to figures from Market Research Future, the web hosting industry grows by 16% each year and should reach a total worth of $154 billion by end of 2022. That leaves a great opportunity for resellers to carve out a successful and profitable business, especially if you follow some of the following advice.

2 things you’ll need to make your business a success:

1. A Reliable Parent Hosting Provider

As a designer or developer, you’re already aware of how important your chosen hosting provider is. The same applies when you’re starting up a reseller web hosting or domain hosting business. The features offered by your host company must align with what you want to offer to your customers. While selecting a parent host, you must consider pricing, software applications, customer support, and order management, etc. And finally, your provider will need to be highly reliable or your reseller hosting is likely to reflect poorly on your larger business. Choosing a quality host can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

2. Providing Strong Customer Service

When people have any complaint with a service, their first port of call will usually be the person or company that provides the service. If you decide to start a reseller web hosting business, you must make sure that you can keep up with customer queries. And you can point your clients towards dedicated support channels to get help by keeping a 24/7/365 support option included in your base plan and it will greatly reduce the level of strain on you. Remember, responsiveness is key. Try not to leave people waiting for your reply. You may also set up a dedicated social media channel for support tickets or implement an email management tool.

Techflix provides the best reseller hosting at a cheap price. Of their reseller hosting features are given below:

Manage everything from a single dashboard(cPanel). Setup content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.) quickly using the SoftCalcus Script Installer. Create your own personal nameserver. Get uninterrupted bandwidth to withstand heavy traffic. Add unlimited domains/subdomains and protect your clients with built-in firewalls and anti-virus software.

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